In The Flesh Detroit

Chris James

Guitar, Bass, Backing Vocals

"The youngest of four boys, all of whom played guitar, it was inevitable I would pick it up as well. As a child, my brother's musical equipment was always off limits but that never stopped me... I had a love for music and a need to express it. From choir to school band to guitar at home I continually surrounded myself with music; always listening. However it wasn’t until adulthood I would finally embrace it fully and accept that it was part of who I am."

"While enjoying many musical styles Progressive Rock has always been my core influence as it encompasses elements of many styles. Drawn to music early in life starting in school band I was exposed to Beethoven, Bach, Vivaldi, Mozart and Chopin but the electric guitar opened the door to Led Zeppelin, Sabbath, Uriah Heep, Nugent, Deep Purple and later Journey, Kansas, Floyd, Yes, Toto, Rush."

"A long time player in many cover bands in South East Michigan (two and three at at time) my duties include rhythm and lead guitar as well as fronting a three piece. I'm always pushing for that next step. I truly consider myself a lucky person to perform with all these gifted musicians to re-create the awesome experience that is 'PINK FLOYD'”

Thoughts On Pink Floyd

"My first exposure was Dark Side of the Moon which always takes me back to my childhood and vacations up north. Dark Side and Wish You Were Here were always my favorites, but Animals is quickly moving up my charts. I love the musicianship, creativity, dynamics, layering and timelessness... I lose myself in it to the point that our entire show passes by in a blink of an eye. It’s exciting to know that I am performing the music that influenced some of my favorite bands."