In The Flesh Detroit

Denis Ikeler


"I started playing piano at age seven. I studied classical music for thirteen years. As I got older I branched out playing in rock groups and jazz groups. Some of the bands I played in are: Asmodeus Dream, Sass, In The Red, Ron Trombly & Eastern Standard Time, and Roxius."

"I love classical music, classic rock, and Jazz. Some of my musical influences are: Yes, Pink Floyd, ELP, Led Zepplin, Dave Brubeck, and Pat Metheny."

"In the day I make my living running a full time piano service business. I have prepared pianos for concerts from Lang Lang to Motley Crue!"

Thoughts On Pink Floyd

I was seventeen when Dark Side Of The Moon came out. What made this band sound different than anyone else was the "momentum" of the flow of their music. It reminded me of a freight train rolling down the tracks or lava flowing down a mountanside