In The Flesh Detroit

Fred Eppensteiner

Guitar, Bass, Backing Vocals

A multi-instrumentalist, Fred had his first exposure to keyboards at age 5 via community education, and guitar at 13 via private instruction. For nearly 20 years, Fred has played originals and covers on stages throughout Metro Detroit on guitar, bass, keyboards, and lead vocals, most recently as guitarist for Detroit Music Award-winning band Cybertrybe. As a composer, Fred has created works for Detroit-area video production houses.

Fred enjoys the opportunity of playing David Gilmour's parts. "It gives me the opportunity to play acoustic, electric, a lot of slide, open tunings, and soulful leads. It challenges my sound design chops as well."

Thoughts On Pink Floyd

"Pink Floyd had a big influence on me. I still remember very clearly seeing The Wall at a midnight movie showing when I was 15. It had a profound effect on me. I immediately purchased several of their albums on vinyl. The songs, stories, creativity and musicianship resonated with me. They will always be one of my favorite bands, and The Wall will always be one of my favorite albums of all time. I probably have fallen asleep to that album a hundred times. It's a pleasure to play the music on stage for audiences that love it as much as I do."