In The Flesh Detroit

Geoffrey Brouhard

Saxophone, Backing Vocals

Geoff Brouhard is a saxophonist and educator in the Detroit area. Geoff holds a BS in Music Industry Management from Ferris State University, certification in Music Education from Oakland University as well as a PhD in Advanced Body Moving from Dr. Funkenstein's Tear the Roof Off Academy. Geoff played and toured the Midwest with the Funk/Soul Collective Midtown Underground for ten years and can be heard performing with the Acoustic Soul Sessions as well as many other groups and ensembles throughout the region. Geoff holds a special love for jazz and classical as well as soul/funk which makes growing up in the "D" extra special. Geoff actually does enjoy long walks on the beach when he can get there and is studying to be a certified yoga instructor. Remember, "Free your mind, and your ass will follow." -George Clinton

Thoughts On Pink Floyd

"When I mention saxophone in conjunction with Pink Floyd, everyone lights up and immediately recognizes the tunes that are impacted by horn. What would "Money" or "Us & Them" be without the saxophone? It's such a privilege to play with such dedicated and meticulous Floyd heads. I feel like a proper musician and friend to this motley ensemble and not just the hired horn player. I'm really excited for the realized potential of this group."