In The Flesh Detroit

John Burnham

Audio Engineer

John is a seasoned musician playing for over 35 years and in that time his duties have included playing drums, lead vocals/front man, sound engineering and studio work. He's been behind the kit for many local Detroit acts over the years such as: The Sofa Kings, The Dream, RockStar, Dr. Smith and Dirty Sanchez. As a lead singer John’s upper register vocals had him coming out from behind the drums to front a promising Detroit rock band called Ezra (Pony Express). That move also lead to multiple tribute bands over the years including a Journey tribute in 1997 and an Iron Maiden tribute band that started back in 1988. Primarily adding percussion to ITF, John also takes over drums when ITF drummer Dan Niewolak is needed up front. "I'm thrilled to be playing with ITF... Pink Floyd's music is one of my favorites."

Thoughts On Pink Floyd

John knows he’s mad, he’s always been mad...