In The Flesh Detroit

Steve Lepisto


"Self taught bass player"

Thoughts On Pink Floyd

"Do yourself a favor and listen to the Waters era live recordings. It's not an uncommon story (for great bands) that friction between it's members often give birth to their best material but when they took the stage their ability to put that aside and take you on a trip during a song.. adapting them on the fly, taking you from thunder to pin drop is something, for me, that makes them incomparable. I saw Pink Floyd at the Ponitac Silverdome in the late 80s and it had big impact. The music, the lights, the entire environment they cultured for their show was a whole new level of experience. The 'quad' sound and the cash register in the intro to Money.. bouncing from each corner of the Silverdome was amazing and yet still a small example of how they pushed the envelope for the art. One of the all-time greatest bands."